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External Debt

The Data: Coverage, Frequency, and Timeliness

Coverage characteristics


External debt at the reporting date represents the outstanding amount of current unconditional obligations of residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan to non-residents, which requires repayment of principal and / or interest in the future.
Data on external debt cover the debt of all institutional sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to non-residents, regardless of the currency in which the debt is denominated. Overdue debt is included in liabilities for the instrument for which it arose.
The key characteristic of external debt is the obligation of the debtor to pay principal and / or interest, therefore it does not include: capital, financial derivatives, guarantees and other contingent liabilities. The methodological basis for the compilation of external debt statistics is the External Debt Statistics: A Guide for Compilers and Users, 2013, as well as the sixth edition of the International Monetary Fund's Guide to the Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BPM6), 2009.

Data on the state of external debt at the reporting date provide for the following main classifications:
– by institutional sector - government, central bank, banks, other sectors, intercompany debt;
– by maturity - short-term (with an original maturity of one year or less, or payable on demand) and long-term (with an original maturity of more than one year);
– by type of debt instruments - cash and deposits, debt securities, loans and borrowings, trade credits and advances, other obligations, special drawing rights.

Sources of information for the formation of external debt are:
– statistical and administrative reports of banks, other financial and non-financial organizations, including government bodies and branches of foreign companies, administrative reports of individuals;
– accounting and other reporting data of the National Bank.

Data is generated in US dollars.



Submission timeline

On the 90th day after the reporting period

Public availability

Advance Release Calendar 

The calendar of publication of the official statistical information of the National Bank, including on statistics of the external sector, is posted on the website of the National Bank:
The calendar is also available on the website of the Bureau of National Statistics:
Simultaneous provision of information to all interested participants Data on external debt are posted on the website of the National Bank in due time: https://nationalbank.kz/en/news/vneshniy-dolg and become available for all users simultaneously.

Dissemination of information on the regulatory and legal conditions for the generation of statistical data, including the observance of the confidentiality of information on individual respondents


The collection and dissemination of data on international investment position is governed by:

• Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 30, 1995 №2155 “On the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. According to Article 8 of the Law, the functions of the National Bank include the formation and dissemination of statistical information on the balance of payments, international investment position and external debt of the country.
• Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 29, 1999 №71 "On the development of the balance of payments of the Republic of Kazakhstan."
According to this decree, the National Bank is the state body responsible for the formation and publication of the balance of payments, and is empowered to collect statistical information on the balance of payments from all respondents.
• The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 19, 2010 №257-IV "On State Statistics"
According to the Law, primary statistical data are confidential and are used by state statistics bodies solely for the production of statistical information. The confidentiality of primary statistical data by state statistics bodies is ensured during their collection, processing and storage.
• The Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Administrative Offenses dated July 5, 2014 # 235-V.
The Code provides for penalties for the loss, sale, transfer or other illegal disclosure of primary statistical data, statistical information and (or) databases that allow the identification of a respondent by an official of the state statistics bodies, a subordinate organization of the department of the authorized body in the field of state statistics.

The Balance of Payments Department of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan is responsible for compiling external debt statistics.

Access (lack of access) of government bodies to information prior to its publication Government bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan do not have access to information until the moment of its official publication.
Availability of comments from ministries in the release of statistical data The data are published without comments from ministries and other agencies.
Provision of information on data clarification and publication of preliminary notifications of changes in the methodology of published data When the data for the reporting quarter is released, the previously published previous quarters are updated in connection with the clarification of the reporting or methodology, the emergence of new sources of information, etc.
The data are revised twice a year: in October and April. The revision of the data covers two years prior to the reporting year.
Comments on changes and revisions of data, together with updated data, are published in the quarterly publication of the National Bank “Balance of Payments and External Debt of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.
Major changes in methodology are communicated to users from the moment such changes are introduced.


Dissemination of information on the methodology and sources used in the preparation of statistics The methodological commentary on the information disseminated by the National Bank under the SDDS is available at:
In addition, comments, including information on data sources and methodological principles for assessing certain indicators, are published in the quarterly edition of the National Bank "Balance of Payments and External Debt of the Republic of Kazakhstan", available at:
Absolute and relative parameters of external debt are published quarterly in the National Bank's publication “Statistical Bulletin”, available at:
Dissemination of disaggregated data components, comparison of related indicators, and the ability to cross-check and validate data using different statistical systems  

The National Bank disseminates external debt statistics in presentations with varying degrees of data granularity:
– standard components;
– analytical presentation;
– net external debt;
– coordination of flows and stocks;
– absolute and relative parameters of external debt.
In addition, on a quarterly basis, the National Bank's website publishes tables on external debt by countries of lenders, industries of borrowers, sectors of lenders and borrowers, interest rates, currencies of liabilities, by maturity, a schedule of payments for servicing external debt, as well as tables for debt securities issued by residents and owned by non-residents at the place of issue; on the terms of attracting external loans; on the external debt of the public sector in the extended definition.

External debt indicators are correlated with international investment position statistics: external debt data are in full agreement with liabilities on debt instruments, excluding derivatives, from the international investment position.

Data on external debt are published in the official publications of the NBRK “Statistical Bulletin” (monthly), “Balance of payments and external debt of the Republic of Kazakhstan” (quarterly) and in the Annual Report of the National Bank of Kazakhstan.

Dissemination Formats:

Printed quarterly publication:

Balance of payments and external debt of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Printed monthly publication:

Statistical Bulletin of the NBK in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.


Annual Report of the National Bank of Kazakhstan in Kazakh, Russian and English languages​​.


The NBK’s internet website: http://www.nationalbank.kz/

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