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Research initiatives of the NBK

Research of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NBK) is a crucial analytical tool for decision-making which enables better understanding of current issues in the Kazakhstani and global economy. This also strengthens the reputation of NBK and facilitates effective communication with stakeholders contributing to achievement of the strategic objectives.

Major research directions at the NBK cover the strategic tasks in regard to monetary policy, macroprudential policy, financial stability, as well as the tasks associated with new technology, climate change, and other challenges of our time.

Research activities and agenda at the NBK are not limited to the mentioned directions. The primary focus is on utilizing modern methodologies and developing new analytical and econometric tools.
The results of research conducted by employees of the NBK and external researchers are used for internal discussions and published on the web site of the National Bank, in the publication ‘Economic Review of the NBK’, and other analytical and scientific journals.

Major research directions of the NBK

  • Macroeconomic policy.
  • International economy, regional and global trends.
  • Financial markets, financial stability and macroprudential regulation.
  • New technology and the future of finance.
  • Statistical matters and exploring new data sources.

The NBK seeks to cooperate with external researchers and inform the expert community about topics and issues relevant to the NBK. Since 2021, the NBK Research Grants Program has been implemented to mobilize scientific potential of academic community and raise public awareness in the field of monetary policy and financial stability. The NBK intends to continue the practice of providing research grants as an integral part of cooperation with the scientific community in Kazakhstan, as well as foreign research institutions, central banks and international organizations.

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