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Statistic information

National payment systems:
On the whole 27,9 mln. transactions to the amount of 533 921,3 bln. KZT were conducted through payment systems of Kazakhstan (Interbank System of Money Transfer and Interbank Clearing System) in January-August of 2018. Details

Payment cards:
As of September 01, 2018 banks have issued 21,6 mln. payment cards and a number of card holders reached 17,8 mln.  Details

Payment instruments:
For August 2018 banks and JSC «Kazpost» performed 96 510.44 thousand transactions to the sum of 25 363.1 billion KZT with the application of payment instruments. Details

International money transfer systems:
For August 2018 the volume of remittances transferred via international money transfer systems (hereinafter - IMTS) was 258,5 thousands transactions in the amount of 64 871,3 mln. KZT. Details

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