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Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS)

The aim of SDDS is to be guidance for publication economic and financial data by member countries, having or aspiring to get an access to the international capital market. Subscription to SDDS is voluntary, but obliges to observe and provide determined information to IMF regarding practice of dissemination the economic and financial data.

SDDS frameworks provide for complex approach to the dissemination economic and finance data and four key parameters of data dissemination are determined:

  • data: coverage, periodicity, timeliness
  • access by the public
  • reliability of disseminated data
  • data quality

2-4 controlled elements - practice principles, which can be observed or controlled by statistics users are provided for each of this parameters.

Data parameters set data categories, covering integrated statistical structures and check categories, which ensure coverage of all economic sectors and prescribes periodicity and timeliness of data.

SDDS controlled elements concerning data accessibility, reliability and quality, which are called to strengthen the transparency in preparing and dissemination of statistics, set also prescribed and recommended practice to provide its with the flexibility. To ensure light and equal access SDDS prescribes preliminary dissemination of data release schedule and simultaneous transfer of information to all interested parties. To help users in estimation the data reliability Standard prescribes a) dissemination information on the terms and conditions of official statistics preparing and dissemination; b) definition the order of internal government access to data before their release; c) identification of ministerial commentaries on the occasion of statistical releases; d) provision of information about data revision and advance notice of major changes in methodology. To assist users in respect of data quality the Standard prescribes dissemination of documentation, concerning statistical methodology, component detail, information about reconciliation of interrelated data, statistics background for cross-checks and guarantees the reasonableness.

Data dissemination calendar

Metadata (data description)

Analitical account of the Banking sector

Analitical account of the Central Bank

Market rates

Balance of Payments

International Reserves and Assets of the National Oil Fund of The Republic of Kazakhstan

International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity

International Investment Position

External Debt

Market Foreign Exchange Rates


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