The « The Coin Conference – 2017» Awarding Ceremony was held in Warsaw in October 24, 2017. The finalists are as follows:

  • «Best coin innovation»: Bi-colored (composite) coin with the use of tantalum«Venera-10».The «Venera-10» spacecraft  was started by the Proton launch vehicle on June 14, 1975. On October 25, 1975 the «Venera-10» lander soft-landed on a lit side of the planet in 2200 km from a point of landing of «Venera-10». From the lander television images of a surface of Venus were transferred to Earth. Meanwhile the orbital compartment of Venus-10 station orbited round Venus.

«Best new commemorative coin or test coin»: silver coin «Kultegin».  Kultegin was a political and military figure of the Second Turkic Khaganate, who united a great number of nomadic ethnos under a blue flag and was able to continue traditions of the great nomadic empire. The epitaph of Kultegin represents a monument of Turkic runic of the 8th century. It was found in 1889, on the shore of the Orkhon River (Mongolia). The monument contains valuable historical data which provides rich linguistic material.

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