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Register of licenses of the National Bank
The applied measures of influence and the sanction


"Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan", JSC

Chairman Umut Shayakhmetova
Board of Directors Alexander Pavlov (Chairman), (independent director), Umut Shayakhmetova, Arman Dunaev (independent director), Ruelh Cristof Hermann (independent director), Kuijlaars Franciscus Cornelis Wilhelmus (independent director), Mazhit Yesenbayev, Anvar Saydenov (independent director)
Members of Executive Office Aliya Karpykova, Kochenov Murat, Kusainbekov Kuat, Salimov Ertaiб, Aslan Talpakov, Aivar Bodanov, a.a. Nurlan Zhagiparov, a.a. Dauren Sartayev, a.a. Zhannat Satubaldina
Chief accountant Pavel Cheusov
Address (city, street, house, apartment) 40, Al-Farabi Ave., Almaty, А26М3К5 (050059)
Phone Number +7 (727) 2590-777
Fax +7 (727) 2590-271

Second tier banks

  • License: №1.2.47/230/38/1 от 08.11.2016.

Insurance holdings

  • License: постановление Правления НБ РК №226 от 27.07.2012г.

Bank holdings

  • Permission, license: №174 from 12.09.2014; №99 from 12.06.2017


  • License: №10
  • Date: 2008-08-06

Large Participant


  • License: №10
  • Date: 2008-08-06


  • License: №10
  • Date: 2008-08-06

Bank conglomerates

  • Participants: 1) "Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhstan", 2) JSC “Altyn Bank” (SB of JSC “Halyk Bank”); 3) "Kazteleport", JSC; 4) Halyk Bank Subsidiary Company, JSC “Halyk Finance”, JSC; 5) Subsidiary Life Insurance Company of the Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan "Halyk-Life", JSC; 6) "Halyk Leasing", JSC; 7) Halyk Bank Subsidiary Insurance Company "Halyk – Kazakhinstrakh”, JSC; 8) “Halyk-Inkassatsiya”, LLP; 9) "NBK-Bank", OJSC (Russia); 10) "Halyk Bank Georgia", JSC (Georgia); 11) "Halyk Bank Kyrgyzstan", OJSC (Kyrgyzstan); 12) "Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan on management of the parent bank’s doubtful and bad assets "Halyk Project" LLP; 13) "Kazkommertsbank", JSC; 14) "KUSA KKB-1" LLP; 15) "KUSA KKB-2" LLP; 16) "KUSA -3" LLP; 17) “Kazcommerts Securities”, JSC; 18) "Insurance Company "Kazkommerts- Policy", JSC; 19) Life Insurance Company «Kazkommerts -Life», JSC; 20) CB"Mоskоmmertsbank" (JSC); 21) "Kazkommertsbank Tajikistan" CJSC; 22) Kazkommerts International B.V.; 23) Kazkommerts Finance 2 B.V.; 24) АО "QPAYMENTS", JSC; 25) "First credit bureau " LLP


Bank holdings:

Large Participant:

The applied measures of influence and the sanction
Contact Us: 21 "Koktem-3", Almaty, 050040,
Republic of Kazakhstan
Fax: 7 (727) 2704-703, + 7( 727) 2617-352, +7 (727) 2704-799
Telex: 251130 BNK KZ
Contact phone: +7 (727) 2704-591
e-mail for corruption offenses:

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